Excel Breakout

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This program was written by Carlos Rondão.

Another impressive program from Mr. Rondão! The look and feel is very smooth. You need a reasonably up-to-date version of Excel for this to run. If you spend time (as I do) wondering how he does these things, at least this one gives you a couple of hints -- very small cells behind the playing field for example, to simplify the ball's movement...


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Christina: Would love to play all your games, but nothing will play. the page loads up, but nothing initiates when clicking play. I used to play TBS Gilligans island miniature golf from a program like this, but it doesn't work either now. Really could use some help with this. My 7 year old about started crying when it wouldn't load up to play today. :( thanks in advance for any help.
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E: The response on my keyboard is too slow. Set it to the fastes possible in control panel, but I keep losing because the paddle crawls across the screen.
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Brian: It does not work when I click play. Screen blinks but still set on game over.
logu: what is the password for colosing the application
Someone: I've found this very addictive. Done the test on Excel 2007 and it works. Soon i will test it in Excel 2010.
Ray: got Password. Still doesn't work.
Ray: Doesn't work in Excel 2010 x64. Can't open module to add PtrSafe to DECLARE lines
excell : why dosn't it work on excell 2007!
sochan: good
André Luiz Bernardes - Office Specialist: That´s Great!
SAhoo: This does not work in Excel 2007
aries: nice game! how to make that games in excel?? please send me in my email thanks
Xella : The games r good
Xella : The games r good
Chinedum: It doesn't work; it says 'Game Over'
shocktroop: Password is "atitude"
Brit: It says to use the cursor keys to move, but my cursor keys are not moving it. Any idea why?
Guna: Boss need password to unprotect sheet if any one dose so then ...
CR: Well...sorry I can not tell
test: comment
khan: need the password to "unprotect sheet" in oder to make changes.Does anybody know????
Emme: fantastic game at excel but i would like to know the password to unprotect the sheet please if any1 knows do inform me
gin: er, how to play?
David: great
CR: Good point I will remove data away in a future version
SOEM GUY: Works perfectly in 2007, but on 3200x1200 resolution (dual monitors) I see alot of randomly coloured squares with numbers in them to the bottom right. Perhaps these should be moved over a bit.
jb: ko: to make games in 2007, press alt + f4 to enter the microsoft excel games designer add in
drhydro: oooh! can I load my original cassette of Little Brick Out that came with my first 16k Apple II?
ko: it also works in 2007 version of excel, how do u make games in excel?
CR: Yes, it works at least in office 2000, 2002, 2003
BPSSEKHON: Good!Game in Excel but will it work on 2002 2000 office.

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